Juddwood FarmShop

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Juddwood Farm Beef

This ensures that all of our meat is completely traceable, with very low food miles. Giving you the best quality meat available.

Our beef herd is a mix of continental cross cows covered by our own British Blue bull. The cows calf between January and March and are then turned out onto spring grass with their calves to enjoy a summer of grazing. During the winter months they are housed in straw yard and fed on home grown silage. Some of the calves will be sold at about 10 months old through local livestock market.

We select a number of animals each year to keep and fatten for the farm shop. The animals are matured slowly on a home grown grass based diet. When the animals are ready, at just under 30 months old they are taken by us to small family run abattoir in East Sussex . All our beef is hung as a carcass for a minimum of 21 days to ensure the best flavour and tenderness, it is then prepared by their experienced team of butchers to our requirements.

Bidborough Lamb

Reared in Bidborough by  Simon & Ruth Pierson

Our lambs are bred from two different breeds of ewe, Lleyns and North Country Mules, these are crossed with either a Texel or Charolais ram resulting in a prime quality, lean lamb.

The lambs are born in March and April and are fattened over the summer on the farm in Bidborough. They are fed on clover rich grassland and on stubble, turnips and hay as winter fodder.   The farm is Farm Assured which means that the livestock husbandry and management is assessed to comply with maximum welfare standards.   The lambs slowly mature and are available from August to the following Spring.   The lambs are killed and prepared locally, keeping the ‘food miles’ (the distance the meat travels from the farm to the customer) to a minimum.    

The lamb is available in the following cuts:-

Leg (whole or half)

Shoulder (whole or half)

Cutlets (best end of neck)

Loin chops

Chump chops


Neck chops

Liver, heart and kidney